Published Work

The chances are that I've missed one or two things off this list so if anyone remembers anything else I've had published other than some very bad poetry that I would rather forget about, please let me know.



‘Pulse’ Auguries #4 (1986)
‘Mildred’ Auguries #8 (1988)


It’s Not Easy Being Dead’ Sweet Dreams Baby! (1990) 


‘The Long Way Home’ Vollmund #4 (1992)


‘Touching’ Cold Cuts (Alun Books 1993)


‘Funny Weather’ Touch Wood:Narrow Houses 2 ed Peter Crowther (Little, Brown 1993)


‘Fairground Attraction’ Cold Cuts II (Alun Books 1994)

            Midnight Carnival #3 (2000)

            Freaks, Geeks & Sideshow Floozies ed Jens & Weagly (Twilight Tales 2002)


‘Moths’ Cold Cuts III (Alun Books 1995)


‘Summer Rain’ The Blue Man & other stories ed. Cristine Evans (Pont Books 1995)


‘Honour Before Glory’ Chronicles of the Holy Grail ed. M Ashley (Robinson 1996)

as ‘Anstand vor Ansehen’ Die Drachen von Morgen (Storisende Verlag 1999)

                  Full Fathom Forty ed David Howe (British Fantasy Society 2011)


‘The Last Card’ Fantasy Stories ed M Ashley (Robinson Children’s Books 1996)


‘The Fires of Summer’ Kimota #7 (1997)


‘Bobby’ Maelstrom #8 (1997)


‘The Envelope’ Cambrensis #33 (1997)


‘The First Time’ Old Enough & other stories ed Christine Evans (Pont Books 1997)

                            Enigmatic Tales #7 ed Maynard & Sims (Enigmatic Press 1999)

                            Bare Bone #1 (2001)

                as ‘An Chead Uair’ Sach Sean agus Scealta Eile (Clo Iar-Chonnachta 2002)


‘Always a Dancer’ Indigenous Fiction #1 (1998)

                               RedBrick Edens ed Steven Savile (Tanjen 1998)


‘Grandad’s Cough’ Death’s Door (Springbeach Press 1998)


‘Spiders!’ Fantasia (Springbeach Press 1998)
‘Hit and Run’ The Magpie’s Nest (1998)


‘This Masquerade’  Sackcloth & Ashes #2 (1988)

                               Nasty Snips ed Christopher Teague (MT Publishing 1999)

                             Trip the Light Horrific ed N Jackson (RAGE Machine Books 2005)


‘The Angel’s Kiss’ Kimota #11 (1999)

                               Dread: Tales of the Uncanny and Grotesque #7 (1999)


‘The Secret of Eternal Life’ The Dream Zone #2 (1999)


‘An Act of Faith’ Hideous Progeny ed Brian Willis (Razorblade Press 2000)

                             Raus! Untoten! (forthcoming 2013)


‘All For One and One for All’ Crafty Cat Crimes ed Dziemianowicz, Weinberg and   
Greenberg (Barnes & Noble 2000)


‘The Winter Hunt’ (with Paul Lewis) F20 ed Maynard, Sims & Howe (Enigmatic
Press 2000)


‘Gabriel Restrained’ (with Paul Lewis) Darkness Rising:Hideous Dreams ed Maynard
& Sims (Cosmos Books 2001)

                                    The Best of Horrorfind ed Brian Keene (Horrorfind 2003)


‘The Adventure of the Dead Maidens’ Blood & Donuts ed Tina Jens (11th Hour 2001)


‘Telling the Tale’ Urban Gothic:Lacuna and other Trips ed David Howe (Telos 2001)


‘In Bedlam’ Red Jack ed Suzanne Donahue (Succubus Press 2002)


‘The Cutting Edge’ Tourniquet Heart ed Christopher Teague (Pendragon Press 2002)


‘Lullaby’ (with Paul Lewis) Vivisections ed W P Simmons (Catalyst Press 2003)


‘Damp’ Chimeraworld #2 ed Mike Philbin (Chimericana Books 2005)


‘The Mermaid’s Tears’ Here & Now 5/6 (2005)


‘Puca Muc’ (with Paul Lewis) Shrouded by Darkness ed A L R Davies (Telos 2006)


‘Death Knock’ (with Paul Lewis) At Ease with the Dead ed B & C Roden (Ash-Tree Press 2007)


‘War in a Time of Peace’ (with Paul Lewis) Doctor Who - Short Trips: Destination Prague
ed Steven Savile (Big Finish 2007)


‘Never Go Back’ (with Paul Lewis) British Invasion ed Golden, Lebbon & Moore (Cemetery Dance 2008)


‘Family Ties’ (with Paul Lewis) The Third Black Book of Horror (Mortbury Press 2008)


‘Breathing Space’ (with Paul Lewis) Doctor Who:The Story of Martha (BBC Books 2008)


‘City of Woes (with Paul Lewis) Doorways (Screaming Dreams 2009)


‘The Flies’ Creature Feature ed Neil Jackson (Ghostwriter Publications 2009)


‘Life and Life Only’ The British Fantasy Society Yearbook (BFS 2009)


‘Snowbound’ (with Steven Savile) Graveyard Rendezvous 37 (2010)


‘Imaginary Friends’ The Sixth Black Book of Horror (Mortbury Press 2010)

                 as ‘M. Bobo’ Tenebres 2011 (Dreampress 2011)


‘Of Time and Dust’ (with Steven Savile) (Ghostwriter Publications 2010)


‘Fear of Snow’ (with Steven Savile) Phobophobia ed Dean Drinkel (Dark Continents
Publishing 2011)


‘Sea Monkeys’ Unspoken Water 2 ed Ian Hunter (Read Raw Press 2011)


‘Missing’ (with Steven Savile) (Bad Press 2011)


‘Deadlines’ (with Steven Savile) (Bad Press 2011)


‘The Shufflers’ (with Steven Savile) Alt-Dead ed Peter Mark May (Hersham Horror
Books 2011)


‘Wassailing’ Terror Tales of the Cotswolds ed Paul Finch (Gray Friar Press 2012)


 ‘Jack Be Nimble’ (with Steven Savile) Pulse Pounding Tales 1 ed. Matt Hilton (2012)


 ‘Askai’ (with Steven Savile) Battletech (2012)


‘The Persian Slipper’ Encounters of Sherlock Holmes  (Titan Books 2013)


‘The Long Wait’ 50 Shades of Decay (Angelic Knight 2013)


‘The Last Gift’ (with Steven Savile) The Unspoken ed. William Meikle


‘The Last Defence of Moscow’ Zombies v Robots: Diplomacy (IDW 2013)


‘Crow’ Fear the Reaper (Crystal Lake 2013)


‘Don’t Leave Me Down Here’ Terror Tales of Wales ed Paul Finch (Gray Friar Press 2014)




King of all the Dead (with Paul Lewis) (Telos 2003)


The Ice Maiden (with Paul Lewis) (Pendragon Press 2004)


The Bell (with Paul Lewis) (Bad Press 2011)


Out of Season (with Steve Savile) (Bad Press 2012)





The Ragchild (with Paul Lewis) (Razorblade Press 1999)


The Quarry (with Paul Lewis) (Cosmos Books 2002)


Solomon’s Seal (with Steve Savile) (Variance (US)/ Bad Press (UK) 2012)


Northern Grit (with Steve Savile) (Crossroads Press 2013)


The Sign of Glaaki (with Steven Savile) (Fantasy Flight Games 2013)


Northern Soul (with Steven Savile) (Crossroads Press 2013)




The Journey of the Chronic Argonauts Fringeworks 2014




The Sally Reardon Supernatural Mysteries Omnibus (with Steven Savile) Bad Press 2012




Always a Dancer & other stories (FoxSpirit 2014)




Ghosts of South Wales (Countryside Books 1996)




Cold Cuts (with Paul Lewis) (Alun Books 1993)


Cold Cuts II (with Paul Lewis) (Alun Books 1994)


Cold Cuts III (with Paul Lewis) (Alun Books 1995)


In That Quiet Earth (Imaginary Worlds 2000)


Doorways (Screaming Dreams 2008)

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