Sunday, 21 August 2011

It's only me!

Well now that my two months of guest bloggers has come to an end, the usual routine of irregular updates from me will resume. Having said that, if anyone is looking for a place to talk about their latest work this space can be made available.

Of Time and Dust (The Sally Reardon Supernatural Mysteries)So what has been happening since my last update? Well Steve Savile and I have finally completed Deadlines the third of our Sally Reardon Supernatural Mysteries, which started with Of Time and Dust, and it's now available for the kindle. Other devices exist I'm assured, but there is a very good reason for the name of this blog! This one is twice the length of the previous two stories but we've decided to hold the price at the same level as the others for the first month at least, so I hope that those who enjoyed the first couple of stories rush out and buy it. We've also taken the opportunity to have revamped covers done by the fabulously talented Stan Tremblay. Stan has made an appearance on this blog and I'm sure you'll agree that he does some great work. Deadlines (The Sally Reardon Supernatural Mysteries) in the US or here in the UK

What else? Well I'll be at Fantasycon from the 30th September to 2nd October. As usual I'll be spending most of the weekend in the bar so if you are there please come up and say hello - you won't even have to buy me a beer unless you really want to. I'm not scheduled to appear on any panels as of yet but a couple of books are being launched over the weekend with my stories in. Full Fathom Forty, an anthology to celebrate 40 years of the British Fantasy Society, contains a reprint of 'Honour Before Glory' which first appeared in Chronicles of the Holy Grail. This time I'm not planning on sitting at the the end of the table during the signing session if I can help it. Last time I did that there was no space left on the page for me and I was signing at all kinds of weird angles!

Alt-Dead: The Alternative Dead Anthology (Volume 1)Also being launched that weekend is the new Alt-Dead anthology edited by Peter Mark May. This contains a new Winter Zombie story written in collaboration with Mr Savile. This tale is set in the same world as our story 'Snowbound' which appeared in Guy N Smith's Graveyard Rendezvous 37. There's a third story in the sequence due to appear in a Phobias anthology before the end of the year - more on that when I have it. We've already got ideas for another couple of stories in the sequence, so if any small press publishers out there are interesting in having a chat about doing a collection of them, get in touch.

Djinn, the first part of a series of vampire novellas again with Steve Savile, is now into a second draft. A couple of publishers have expressed an interest in taking a look at this so keep everything crossed for us.

As usual there are a couple of other projects on the go which I can't really talk about yet, partly because of contractual reasons and partly because I don't want to jinx them. I'm quite excited about all of them though. More news soon I hope.