Tuesday, 24 June 2014

I'm Back!

Has it really been almost three years since I last posted anything on here? I seem to have lurched from one project to the next with barely the chance to catch my breath. The thought was always there to come back and give an update but work has got in the way!

So what's been happening since I was last on here?

Well there have been a handful of new short stories, at least three short novels as well as a full length one (and a couple of novels I have ghost written but can't talk about). I've set up a page listing my published work and while there are no links to buy any of them yet I hope it won't be too long before I find the time to do it

The full length novel is 'The Sign of Glaaki', a novel based on Fantasy Flight Games' Arkham Horror game. Murder, mayhem, monsters, Harry Houdini and a young Dennis Wheatley. What more could you ask for?

The first of the short novels was 'Solomon's Seal' co-written with Steven Savile and featuring some of the characters from his best selling novel 'Silver'. The only monster in this one is very much the human kind.

Somehow Steve and I also managed to fit in a couple of short novels featuring our character Jack Stone who first appeared in the story Jack Be Nimble. This story was later renamed 'Northern Fire' for too many reasons to bore anyone with and is available as an ebook. The two short novels 'Northern Grit' and 'Northern Soul' follow Jack's exploits as he tries to rebuild his life back home in the North of England. They are only available as ebooks at the moment but there is the prospect of a paperback bringing together all three of the stories. I'll be sure to post on here as soon as I know more

There's plenty of other stuff on the horizon but if I try to talk about everything at once I won't even get this post published.

I promise to be back before too long!