Thursday, 23 June 2011

Open House Day 24 - Daniele Serra

  Well, I'm Daniele Serra and I live in an island in the Mediterranean Sea. I've been an illustrator since I was four years old, or rather I have always been in my head but I recently embarked on this as a career path. Let's just say that I am a beginner. Inspired by many artists but trying desperately to be original. I love music, literature and old b-movie horror. Everything weird intrigues me and I'm very proud to have worked for Weird Tales magazine. I use a mixed technique including oil on canvas, digital processing, waste ink and markers, I don’t like to draw too much detail in my works, I prefer to try to create an emotion in an instinctive way (my wife says I don’t draw details because I’m lazy and she knows me very well!).

I have worked for DC Comics and Image Comics, at the moment I am working on a project with Alex Irvine and another with Rain Graves, both inspired by my passion for Tsukamoto and cyberpunk. I am also currently finishing the illustrations of a children's book… in the day funny and nice patterns for kids and at night covers and horror comics for adults.

I have had the opportunity to exhibit in various parts of the world and my work has been published in Europe, Australia and the USA and soon in Japan. I have two cats: Lenore and Strella that help me at work, they are great colorists and sometimes they make preparatory sketches. My first editor is my wife, without her I should be completely lost in the jumble of my twisted mind.

At the moment I'm reading “Melmoth the wanderer” and yesterday I watched “Basket Case”.

Here's the link to Daniele's - puublishers of all shapes and sizes should be keeping an eye on what he's doing!



  1. Ahh some nice work there Daniele, and over on your website too. Tanti Saluti da Bob in Galles :)

  2. Awww Bob! Thank so much for your kindness!
    Un abbraccio! :)