Sunday, 26 June 2011

July Guest Bloggers

Well the month is almost over, hope you've all been enjoying the entertainment.

As a number of people were disappointed that they were unable to gte on board and others made mutterings that there were no women on the first list I decided to do the same for July, provided that I could get a large proportion of women to be involved. I'm still waiting for conformation on a couple of the slots towards the end of the month but can now reveal the schedule as it stands.

Before you scroll down though I would like to put in a small appeal on behalf of all the people who have generously given their time. It would be really good if there is a post you have really enjoyed, you buy something by whoever is provided the entertainment. Most have work available through Amazon for the kindle at very reasonable prices. If you don't own a kindle then there is free software available via Amazon that will allow you to read it on your pc. If you decide that you'd like to buy something of mine then thank you in advance.

If I can get the number of followers on the blog to over 100 I may be tempted to continue this for a little longer, so if you've not already signed up please do so. Help spread the word!

Now the commercial break is over, here's what you can look forward to in July...

1st Stephen Volk
2nd Stephanie Tryda
3rd Rhys Hughes
4th Joan De la Haye
5th Colleen Anderson
6th Raven Dane
7th Ashley Knight
8th Jan Edwards
9th Sam Stone
10th Barbara Roden
11th Suzanne Robb
12th Jennifer Caress
13th Adrian Chamberlin
14th Debbie Bennett
15th Rhonda Carpenter
16th Michele Roger
17th Arlene Radesky
18th Sylvia Shults
19th Chantel Boudeau
20th Tracie McBride
21st Carole Gill
22nd Sandra Norval
23rd Hollie Johani Snider
24th Sheri Jenkins White
25th Helen Grant
26th Juliet McKenna
27th Nancy Kilpatrick
28th Swansea Comic Collective
28th tbc
29th tbc
30th Sandy Auden

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