Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Interruption #2

Forgive this brief interruption but just wanted to update people with what I'm up to myself at the moment as I've had a couple of enquiries about my own writing recently. Well OK, one of them actually asked if I was a writer myself. That one hurt just a little.

So here goes...

Deadlines, the third of the Sally Reardon supernatural mystery novellas is still being worked on but Steven Savile and I keep getting distracted with other stuff. At the moment this is looking like a July release. The first two titles, Of Time and Dust and Missing are currently available for the Kindle.

The  two current titles are available for download from Amazon.com at Of Time and Dust (The Sally Reardon Supernatural Mysteries) and Missing (Sally Reardon Supernatural Mysteries)

In the UK the links are Of Time and Dust and  Missing

Paul Lewis and I are currently revising our novel The Ragchild, first published in 2000 by Razorblade Press, with a view to making it available on the kindle. Work is going well on that and we'd like to see that completed by the end of this month. More news on this as soon as it becomes available.

Mine and Paul's horror novella The Bell is now available for the Kindle too. Although this was completed some time ago it has been in limbo for a while and is our first new collaboration to appear for a couple of years.

Available in the US at The Bell or in the UK from here

I'm currently working on a story for an anthology linked to the Zombies v Robots comic. I understand that the book is due to appear later this year so deadlines on this one are quite tight.

As David Niall Wilson pointed out on his guest blog, I'm also working on an original novel set in the Scattered Earth universe that he devised with Aaron Rosenberg and Steven Savile. Apart from the Doctor Who stories I've done with Paul, this will be the first SF I've written in a long time.

I'm also waiting to hear if Of Time and Dust and my short story Imaginary Friends has progressed onto the shortlist for this year's British Fantasy Awards for Best Novella and Best Short Story respectively. Imaginary Friends first appeared in The Sixth Black Book of horror but is now also available as a bonus story in Mostly Human, a four way collaboration with Steven Savile, William Meikle and Scott Nicholson. In addition to the title novella we each contributed a solo story to see if readers could tell who wrote which part.

It can be downloaded In the US from Mostly Human (Extended Version) and in the UK from here

There are a couple of other interesting projects in the pipeline which I can't really talk about yet but rest assured I'll reveal all if any of them come off. All in all, I'm being kept pretty busy!

And now back to the scheduled programming

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