Monday, 14 February 2011

Blasts from the past

The very first story I had published appeared in the magazine Auguries edited by Nik Morton back in the mid ‘80s. That first submission was returned, covered with corrections, and it was a while before I realised that he was telling me that he would accept the story if I made the recommended changes. Every alteration he suggested improved the story and was a lesson learned. He has my undying gratitude for setting me on the path of learning my craft.

Some months ago I chanced upon Nik through the wonders of the internet and discovered that he is now writing westerns for Robert Hale under the name of Ross Morton. We've exchanged a few emails and I was delighted that not only did he remember me but was aware of some of the stuff I have worked on.

This week brought contact from another editor who took stories from me in the dim and distant past. Graeme Hurry, one time editor of the magazine Kimota has been a less frequent presence at the British Fantasy Society’s annual convention Fantasyon that he used to be, but it’s always good to hear from him. Graeme is putting together an anthology of the best of Kimota for digital publication at some time in the future and wants to include my story The Fires of Summer.

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