Sunday, 10 July 2011

Open House Day 41 - Suzanne Robb

I’m not a Horror Writer…

I just happen to write horror stories. When I am lucky, and the editor permits I get to add in some quirky aspects, or humor. On those occasions I let my muse run free, generally getting into trouble going over word counts and combining things like apples and oranges.

During my time writing I have met quite a few people, all of them have offered advice, support, and friendship openly and freely. One of those people is Adrian Chamberlin, without him I would not be writing this blog entry, in fact chances are I would not be writing at all.

Many months ago he pointed me in the direction of a submission call. I submitted two times and got rejected two times. Down on myself, he came to my literary rescue and motivated me to try again. He helped me with some of my problem areas, and voila the story was accepted. I will be eternally grateful to him for all his support, advice, and input.

The story, just the beginning of my journey. I found forums with anthology calls which started my creative juices flowing. As the words started to appear on paper, I submitted to several anthologies, the fear of rejection no longer holding me back.

Now, Adrian and I plan to work on a collaborative project, I have a novel accepted for publication, over two dozen short story acceptances under my belt, and will be editing an anthology for Charles Day’s Hidden Thoughts Press on Anxiety Disorders.

The Anxiety Disorder anthology is something I hope people contribute to, as it will be a book full of stories of hope for those who feel alone and isolated. I truly hope the gather a collection which inspires people.

Soon Live and let Undead, edited by Hollie Snider, and Attack of the 50ft Book, edited by Wayne Goodchild will be available. I am happy to be part of these anthologies, and part of the Twisted Library Press family.

I hope to return to creative non-fiction, as I have a collection of short stories ready to go. Most of them are written from an eccentric perspective. I am also working on a second book, and outlining another one. Seems with writing, once the bug bites you, there is no escaping it.

The best part of it though is the people. Without their support, advice, and constant words of motivation I have no idea where I would be today. Thank-you to all.

If you are on facebook, check out Hidden Thoughts Press and Evil Jester Press for some great anthologies, both non-fiction and fiction. You can also find them here,

Hidden Thoughts Press -
Evil Jester Press -
Suzanne Robb's debut novel Z-Boat will be released by Twisted Library Press, under their Lbrary of the Living Dead Imprint. Her stories are in current and upcoming anthologies with Coscom Entertainment, Pill Hill Press, Wicked East Press, Rymfire eBooks, Library of the Living Dead, Library of Fantasy, Norgus Press, May December Publications, Living Dead Press, Panic Press, Hidden Thoughts Press, and Static Movement. In her free time she reads, watches movies, plays with her dog, and enjoys chocolate and Legos.

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