Friday, 27 May 2011

June is Open House month

A few days ago I announced that I was going to make my blog available to 30 guest bloggers across the month of June, a chance for authors, artists, editors and publishers to come along and talk about their work, and it didn't take long to fill the 30 slots. The result is a wonderful mix of people I am proud to have on board. I hope that readers drop by regularly to see what the latest blogger has to say and maybe discover someone new.

The schedule looks like this:

1st William Meikle

2nd Peter Mark May

3rd Steven Savile

4th David Niall Wilson

5th Simon Morden

6th Mark West

7th Gary McMahon

8th Aaron Rosenburg

9th Cavan Scott

10th Spectral Press

11th Ian Hunter

12th Variance Publishing

13th Seven Archons Press

14th Rick Chesler

15th Steve Upham

16th Paul Lewis

17th Paul Finch

18th John Travis

19th Jay Eales

20th Dave Sakmyster

21st Tartarus Press

22nd Bob Lock

23rd Pendragon Press

24th Daniele Serra

25th Brian M Logan

26th Stuart Young

27th Stan Tremblay

28th Guy Adams

29th Ian Whates

30th Tim Lebbon

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